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Looking for an HGV mechanic role? Make sure you highlight these skills

Are you currently working as an HGV mechanic and looking for your next role?

Or perhaps you’re in another industry and are looking to make a change?

Either way, if you’re keen to start searching for HGV mechanic jobs and want to further your HGV mechanic career, there are a number of skills you should highlight on your CV to ensure your application stands out.

So, from specific industry skills to softer, more general skills, we round up what you should highlight on your CV when applying to HGV mechanic roles below

7 skills you should highlight on your HGV mechanic CV:

1. Industry skills

When you apply for a HGV mechanic role, your potential employer will be looking for several specific industry skills to prove you’re right for the job.

For example, perhaps you’ve previously worked as a light wheel mechanic, or maybe you have experience as an HGV mechanic but are now keen to work on more exciting equipment.

Whatever your experience, be sure to include specific information about the different types of vehicles you have worked on.

You should also demonstrate any relevant mechanic qualifications you have, as well as your knowledge and understanding you have about the fundamentals of HGV technologies, HGV configurations, and applications, plus examples of when you have successfully serviced, inspected, maintained, and repaired vehicles to industry standards.

2. General skills

However, in addition to industry-specific skills and experience, employers will also be looking for more general skills too.

So, if you are just starting out in the industry, are making the move to becoming an HGV mechanic after previously working in a different role, or want to progress your HGV mechanic career, you will most likely possess a number of skills that hiring managers look for, including:

3. Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are without a doubt one of the most important skills that an HGV mechanic can have.

The primary responsibility of any mechanic is to figure out why a machine isn’t working and how to repair it. Sometimes the answer is simple, but often, you will need to use your problem-solving skills to figure out what has gone wrong and why.

So, the ability to make sound decisions and solve problems based off good judgement and analysis is absolutely essential. 

4. Attention to detail

Attention to detail is the next key skill to highlight when you apply for HGV mechanic roles. After all, when inspecting and repairing vehicle systems, a good mechanic must be aware of all the intricate details, so precision and accuracy are key. 

Avoiding easy-to-miss causes can not only solve current problems but can also prevent future malfunctions, so having impeccable attention to detail is vital. What’s more, attention to detail is also important when it comes to being vigilant and remaining safe in the workplace. 

So, it’s no wonder it’s such an important skill to include on your CV!

5. Decision-making skills

The ability to use your problem-solving and attention-to-detail skills to make effective decisions, fast, is also important.

When you work as an HGV mechanic, there won’t always be someone there to make decisions for you, so you need to be comfortable with assessing the information you have available and making a decision about what to do next.

No one wants a mechanic who dithers around and struggles to decide on next steps – so be sure to highlight your decision-making skills in your CV.

6. Communication skills

HGV mechanics also need to have impeccable communications skills, so you should always highlight your communication skills when applying for an HGV mechanic role.

At the interview stage, for example, you should be careful to speak clearly, but even before that you need to make sure your spelling and grammar is correct on your CV.

Your communication skills could make the difference between getting the job or not, so be sure to highlight the strength of your communication skills as much as you can!

7. Flexibility

Whether you’re carrying out routine checks or repairing faults, no two days are ever the same when you work as an HGV mechanic.

What’s more, when you work as an HGV mechanic with M&E Global, you’ll have the chance to work on a wide variety of equipment and specialist vehicles.

You could even get the chance to work on military equipment such as Warrior infantry fighting vehicle, Challenger tanks, or even Bradley Fighting Vehicles that very few people get to even see in real life, let alone work on.

So, you need to be flexible if you’re working in a role with so much variety!

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about HGV mechanic opportunities with M&E, our team are here to help.

With over 20 years of experience, there’s nothing we don’t know about contract recruitment, and you can count on us to help you further your HGV mechanic career.

We typically recruit for contract roles overseas in Germany for US military clients, so if you want the chance to develop your skills on a wide range of tracked and wheeled military vehicles, check out the roles we are currently working on here.

Alternatively, why not find out more about the day in the life of one of our contract mechanics to discover what to expect. 


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