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HGV mechanic training

How to maximise your career as an HGV mechanic

Are you an HGV mechanic ready to make the next step in your career?

Perhaps you are currently in a permanent role and are interested in pursuing contract work, maybe you are considering leaving your role in the forces for civilian employment, or perhaps you are interested in undertaking additional HGV mechanic training?

Well, one thing’s for sure: HGV mechanic roles are exciting and varied – and with so many different roles out there, you are sure to find the right one for you.


Why work as an HGV mechanic? 

From carrying out routine services and checks to diagnosing and repairing faults, when you work as an HGV mechanic, no two days are ever the same.

As an HGV mechanic, you will have the chance to work on a huge variety of equipment – and with M&E, even potentially work on some highly specialised vehicles that very few people get to even see in real life, let alone work on!

What’s more, there is also the opportunity to work on other support equipment such as generators, compressors and excavators – and if you are willing to put in the work and undertake the necessary HGV mechanic training, a career as an HGV mechanic can lead to unbeatable job satisfaction and fantastic progression.

So, if you want to maximise your career, read on to find out how.


Five ways to maximise your career as an HGV mechanic

1. Make sure you’ve got the right skills

To progress your career as an HGV mechanic, you’ll need a certain skill set in order to be able to perform a wide range of tasks.

For starters, you will need to demonstrate a strong knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of HGV technologies, HGV configurations and applications as well as how to service, inspect, maintain and repair vehicles to industry standards.

But that’s not all: employers will also be on the lookout for other more general skills too, such as problem-solving skills, organisational skills, communication skills, reliability and team working skills.

So, if you want to get ahead, make sure you highlight your relevant skills on your CV so that potential employers can be sure that you’ve got what they’re looking for.


2. Get hands on experience and learn on the job

If you are concerned you don’t have the right skills to land your dream position, the best way to build up your skill set is by learning on the job – and if you’re looking to fast-track your career by gaining experience on a wide range of machinery, a contract role could be ideal. 

Contract mechanic roles are available at all levels, so no matter where you are in your career, you’re sure to find a position that suits you.

Contract roles offer the chance to expand your experience, fast – and because you have the freedom to change jobs at the end of each contract, you can build up your knowledge with a number of different employers whilst also working on a variety of vehicles of various sizes and types.

What’s more, some contract roles offer specific training to expand your practical skills – giving you an unbeatable opportunity to hone your skills and progress your career.


HGV mechanic training


3. Make sure you’ve got the right qualifications

Although it’s not necessary to have a degree to work as an HGV mechanic, you will need a certain level of HGV mechanic training – and there are some qualifications that can help you to get ahead.

After completing your initial training, obtaining further qualifications such as the Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering Maintenance or the Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Engineering could help you to set yourself apart from the competition. You can find out more about HGV mechanic qualifications here.

Of course, if you’ve been in the same job for a while you might feel as if you don’t have the right training to apply for overseas mechanic contract jobs, whilst if you’ve been in the forces, you might be worried that your specific skills won’t be transferable to civilian roles.

However, when you undertake a contract mechanic job with M&E Global, you will get the chance to work on some of the most technologically advanced equipment – and you will therefore be trained accordingly. 


4. Be strategic

If you want to maximise your career, fast, then you need to be strategic about how you plan to progress. Contract work is a great way to expand your CV and work on different vehicle types, and it also provides an unbeatable way to expand your portfolio and develop your practical skills.

Variety is one of the main benefits of contract work: you can choose who you work for, what jobs you do and how long for – meaning you are always in control.

Basically, by choosing the right assignments that enable you to work on specific equipment or by opting to work for a certain employer, you can strategically build your experience and maximise your career.


5. Work on different equipment

This leads us onto our next point! One of the most important ways an HGV mechanic can maximise their career is by learning about and working on new and exciting equipment.

British mechanics are often limited to working on British equipment – but by contracting overseas, you can have the chance to expand your knowledge and experience by working on exciting machines at the forefront of technology.

At M&E Global, our roles range from working with light wheeled vehicles to heavy vehicles and track vehicles, and there is also the opportunity to work on support equipment such as generators, compressors and excavators.

Perhaps most excitingly, because we work for a variety of prestigious defence clients, you could even find yourself working on M1 Tanks, Challengers, Humvees and Bradley Fighting Vehicles – giving you unparalleled opportunities to expand your skills and maximise your career.

Find out more about the types of vehicles you can expert to work on with M&E Global here.


How M&E can help

If you want to maximise your career as an HGV mechanic, undertaking a contract role with M&E could help you get to where you want to be.

With a range of different contracts on offer, you could have the chance to work on different equipment from across the globe – and having international experience on your CV is a great way to give yourself a competitive edge for future job applications.

Not only will overseas experience help to set you apart from similarly skilled mechanics in what is a very competitive job market, but it could even open the door to a number of new opportunities in the future!

So, if you are thinking about taking your next step as an HGV mechanic and are keen to further your career, our expert team will be more than happy to help. With more than 20 years of experience, we are experts in defence recruitment – so you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands with our capable team.

If you want to find out more, contact us today to discover more about the HGV mechanic roles we are currently working on.

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