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Considering a change of career direction? Here’s why you should consider a contract role overseas

Have you got a feeling that it is time for a change? Well, if you are unfulfilled in your current role, are seeking a new challenge or are thinking about leaving the armed forces and moving back to civvy street, then contracting overseas could be the answer!
There are plenty of benefits to contracting overseas: from competitive pay and the opportunity to work on some of the world’s leading technology to the chance to travel and experience different cultures, contracting overseas could open up opportunities that you never thought possible.

What’s more, working in a contract role also puts you in control, giving you the option to tailor your career and choose who you want to work for and where you want to go – and you’ll get to develop new skills and build your network of contacts, too!

Sound interesting? Then read on to discover how to find contract jobs overseas...

Overseas contract roles with M&E

The defence sector is an incredibly exciting industry that supports thousands of jobs all over the world, providing skilled individuals with unbeatable opportunities in land, sea and aviation-based work.

At M&E Global, we are experts in defence recruitment and regularly work on positions across a range of specialist functions, such as supply and logistics, maintenance and engineering, and transportation.

So, if you are considering a contract role as your next big adventure, we explain the different types of roles and exciting opportunities available and how to find contract jobs overseas below.

3 types of overseas contract roles you should consider:

1. Land

The UK defence sector uses a range of combat and transportation vehicles, with multi-billion-pound contracts regularly awarded to manufacturers to keep the military moving.

Whether you’ve got military experience or have worked on HGVs in the broader transport industry, we can help you identify your key skills and find the right overseas contract role for you.

At M&E, we work on land roles such as Vehicle Mechanics, HGV Mechanics, Forklift Operators, Warehouse Workers, Safety/Test Engineers and more – which means those who undertake contract mechanic jobs with us can work on some of the most advanced land defence equipment in the world.

British mechanics are often limited to working on British equipment, whereas contracting overseas gives you the chance to expand your knowledge and experience and work on specialist equipment, from M1 tanks to Challengers, Humvees, and Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

There is also the opportunity to work on other support equipment including generators, compressors and excavators among others.

What’s more, our roles are exciting and varied, and we have a range of opportunities both in the UK and overseas for short term, seasonal and longer-term contract work. Sound interesting? Find out more about whether a land-based career is right for you here.

2. Marine

With 70% of the earth’s surface covered by oceans and 90% of the world’s trade carried by ships, the marine industry is a vital part of the global economy. In fact, without sea transport, the world economy would collapse – so it’s no wonder that the marine industry offers a range of rewarding job opportunities.

A marine engineer is someone who designs, builds, tests and repairs ships, boats, offshore platforms and drilling equipment. They are responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of all major mechanical and engineered equipment, and use various engineering disciplines to develop, improve or maintain systems.

At M&E Global, we’ve been providing skilled technicians for marine engineering jobs since 2016, offering candidates the chance to develop their abilities through roles such as Naval Equipment Technicians.

We typically work on short term assignments to support Foreign Military Sales contracts in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, providing skilled personnel to work on particular RNSF naval vessels.

So, from career progression and variety to the chance to travel overseas and more, if you’re hard-working and hungry for success, marine engineering could be the right route for you. Find out more here.

3. Aviation 

Aviation is one of the most successful sectors in UK manufacturing and is an incredibly dynamic and exciting industry. With annual sales in excess of £20bn in the civil sector alone, the industry employs more than 100,000 people and nearly 75% of its output is exported.

At M&E, we recruit contract workers for a range of aviation opportunities, from sheet metal technicians to aircraft mechanics and engineers – and because the UK has a skill shortage in this area, the demand for skilled technicians is high.

We regularly recruit for roles such as Aircraft Technicians, Mechanics and Engineers, Ground Support Equipment Mechanics, Hydraulic Technicians, Aerospace Welders, Sheet Metal Technicians, Shipping and Receiving Clerks, Warehouse and Logistics Specialists and more.

In addition, we provide aviation support on a global basis, including in Europe, the Middle East/Southwest Asia and the United States. Want to find out more? Discover everything you need to know about contracting in aviation here.

Ready to make a change?

At M&E Global, we are experts in overseas contract recruitment and work on a variety of positions across a range of sectors worldwide. So, if you are ready to take your career to new heights and want to find out more about how to find contract jobs overseas, contact our friendly team today for expert help and advice.

We will support you every step of the way, right through to the completion of your contract – so why not click here to view the exciting opportunities we are currently working on? 

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