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Interview with a Supply QC

Here at M&E Global, we work on a variety of roles across a range of sectors.

From Germany to the Middle East, whether working as a marine engineer or an HGV mechanic, our expert team will be sure to find the perfect overseas contract work opportunity for you.

And once you’ve landed your dream job, the opportunities don’t stop there. In fact, it’s well known that undertaking a contract role is one of the best ways to learn new skills and climb the career ladder.

With that in mind, for this blog, we met and interviewed contractor Ben, who in just a year of working in Germany has managed to land four (yes, you read that right – four!) promotions, and now works as a Supply QC

Meet Ben, Supply QC

Hi Ben! Can you tell us a bit about your current role with M&E Global?

I started working as a light wheel mechanic, then moved on to work in the heavy wheel workshop. I worked in this industry for a long time back in the UK, so after that I was soon put forward for a QT role, and I’ve recently been promoted again to Supply QC.

If you’re willing to put in the work, there is plenty of opportunity to progress, and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come in just a year.

And what did you do before this?

I worked as a mechanic in the UK for nearly 20 years and also spent a year teaching apprenticeships before moving on to a dealership. But it wasn’t for me, so I decided to undertake a contract role overseas to explore and do something a bit different.

When I saw the opportunity with M&E to work for the US military in Germany, I thought it sounded amazing – and I haven’t looked back since! 

What do you like best about your role?

Without a doubt, the best thing for me has got to be the variety. I come from a maintenance background, and working as a Supply QC is totally different. One day I could be looking at damaged vehicles, the next day I could be auditing. Every day is different, which makes every day exciting.

So, what does a typical day look like for you?

As I mentioned above, my role very much varies by the day, but I’ll always begin by signing in and going to see what my supervisor wants me to do that day.

Today I was bringing in new equipment, whereas tomorrow I could be doing safety tests or even checking the mechanics’ work and paperwork to see if it's ready for sign off, or if it needs any alterations. If equipment is signed off, it is deemed mission capable and put into storage ready for the client to pick what equipment to use depending on what equipment they need at the time.

My day starts at 7am and finishes at 5pm, although on Fridays I finish at 4pm so I can make the most of the weekend.

Have you undertaken any new skills or training during your time with M&E?

There are plenty of opportunities for training and development here for anyone who wants it. I’ve completed a first aid course, whereas some of my colleagues have undertaken health and safety training, or courses on how to safely handle chemicals.

And you also learn on the job too – in fact, I’d say that I’ve learnt something new every day since I’ve been here!

What are your future career plans and goals?

To be honest, I’m going to stick at what I’m doing! I’m absolutely loving it here and I have no plans to move on, although I would like the chance to work on tracked vehicles if the opportunity arose.

What do you like best about living and working in Mannheim?

Life here is great. I’ve made lots of friends, both on and off base, and there are loads of opportunities to travel and explore on the weekends. The nightlife is good and there’s always a festival or something on.

It’s also really outdoorsy here which I love; I can go bike riding, hiking, mountain climbing, or even SUP at one of the lakes.

Plus, Mannheim is a great base – I’ve been all over Germany, to Switzerland, Austria, France, and we’re even planning a weekend away to Prague soon. Oh, and the beer here is pretty great, too!

Finally, do you have any words of advice for people interested in overseas contract work?

Just do it! In my opinion, everyone should do it once. Working abroad is an unbeatable experience, both personally and for career development.

Want to find out more?

From Germany to the Middle East, at M&E Global we have exciting overseas contract work opportunities and roles available across the globe. We’re defence recruitment experts, and will guide you through the entire process, from CV advice and top interview tips through to your last day on the job. 

So, if you want to find out more about our current vacancies, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today to get the ball rolling. 

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