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Six reasons why you should consider a supply and logistics role

14 Sep 09:00 by Myles Kendrick

Six reasons why you should consider a supply and logistics role

Supply and logistics is often referred to as the backbone of global trade efficiency. The complexity of global trade means demand for logistics service providers is high, and as a result, logistics and supply chain management career prospects are unrivalled.

There are a variety of different jobs available in the sector, all of which need diverse, highly skilled workers who are capable of managing complex supply chain systems. And what’s more, roles within the supply and logistics sector also offer competitive rates of pay, and the opportunity to progress, learn new skills and further your career is huge.

Not convinced? Read on to discover six reasons why you should consider a role in supply and logistics...

There are jobs available at all levels

For starters, one of the best things about the supply and logistics industry is that there are so many roles on offer, whatever your level of experience. From truck drivers, warehouse workers and forklift operators to distribution and warehouse management, whatever your qualifications and level of experience, there will be a suitable role for you.  

There are plenty of logistics and supply chain management career prospects out there. If you are interested in a position as a warehouse worker, for example, some positions will be seeking candidates who have previous experience working with specific systems, whilst others are happy to take on entry-level candidates and train people on the job. 

There’s the opportunity to progress

Not only are there a variety of different roles available at different levels, but there is also ample opportunity to progress - all you need to do is have the drive and motivation to do so! Promotions are commonplace in this industry, which means that hard working individuals can advance quickly and work their way up the career ladder, gaining new experiences and learning new skills on the job. This is especially true in contract roles, where you can pick up new skills and grow your experience with each role. 

Every day is different

If you work in logistics, you’ll never be bored; it’s an exciting, fast-paced industry where things are changing all the time. Your role will vary from day-to-day, even depending on the time of the year, and as technology continues to advance, there will be more exciting developments with the latest equipment. What’s more, supply and logistics professionals will always be in demand, so you can enjoy a role with plenty of variation whilst having the benefit of job security, too. 

You can develop your skills

Another positive of working in supply and logistics is that you have unlimited opportunities to advance your skills. Transferable skills fostered in supply and logistics include forecasting, workflow optimisation and leadership skills, and in addition, supply and logistics involves planning and resolving issues and problems, so having a strategic and systematic approach is essential. Time management is also key, as is the ability to work to tight deadlines - and these are all key skills that will transfer over into other industries, too. 

It’s perfect for ex-military

If you are considering leaving the military and moving back to civvy street, supply and logistics roles are ideal. During your time in the military, you will have built up a variety of skills that are essential for a role in supply and logistics, such as organisational skills, time management skills and logistical skills, making supply and logistics a natural progression from military life.

What’s more, overseas contracting roles in supply and logistics are also a great way to transition to civilian life. Not only will you usually work for military clients in similar environments to what you are used to, but a number of other employees will likely be ex-military too.


There’s the opportunity to work overseas

Logistics is a global industry and there are many opportunities to travel - especially if you are considering an overseas contract role. Typically, contracts will last six to twelve months or longer, giving you the chance to live and work overseas, see more of the world and meet new people, whilst also furthering your career and enhancing your CV at the same time.

At M&E, we have contracts in several different countries, from Germany to Afghanistan, which means our candidates have the chance to experience different working environments all over the world. We also offer more long-term roles, so if you have caught the travel bug and want to continue living abroad, we can help you settle into life overseas with our range of contract jobs abroad.

How M&E can help

M&E Global are experts in supply and logistics recruitment. With more than 20 years of experience, we have repeatedly demonstrated how our skills, methods and ethos are perfectly suited to establishing, regenerating and supporting national, industrial and expeditionary infrastructure.

As a result, we are always on the look-out for highly skilled workers, including entry-level personnel and anyone looking to get into contracting, who are capable of managing increasingly complex supply chain systems and want to help deliver effective supply and logistics solutions for complex operations around the world.

We typically work on the following positions:

  • Warehouse Workers - assisting with the proficient running of warehouses and incorporating the processing of incoming materials, packing, and shipping stock, and general warehouse organisation
  • Forklift Operators - unloading heavy materials to tight deadlines and carrying out safety checks to the highest standard
  • Stock Clerks and Supply Technicians - overseeing all the supplies entering and leaving the warehouses, internalise shipping and stocking rules, maintaining and managing stock via specialised software and more

So, if you are thinking about a career in supply and logistics and want to know more about logistics and supply chain management career prospects, get in touch with our helpful team today to find out more about the opportunities we currently have available. 



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