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Considering a career in overseas contracting?

Moving abroad can be an incredible experience, as well as being a truly knockout feature on any CV. 

But naturally, it is a very scary prospect. The thought of upping and moving to an entirely new country, that speaks an entirely new language,  could be potentially off-putting for most. So, we've put together this useful guide to help you decide whether a contract role overseas is right for you. 

Within, you'll find: 

  • The perks of working overseas, and how it will help you develop your career. 
  • All the important things you will need to consider from your work visa application through to your moving day. 
  • Questions to ask, and contractual details to look out for before signing along the dotted line.
  • How to decide whether to take your family with you, and what you will need to consider should you decide to. 

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