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Is working as a marine engineer right for me?

19 Aug 08:12 by Myles Kendrick

Is working as a marine engineer right for me?

Did you know that 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water? Or that 90% of the world’s trade is carried by ships?

So really, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of exciting opportunities should you consider marine industry careers – and one of the most popular jobs is that of a marine engineer.

Marine engineers are responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of vessels and ships, and use various engineering disciplines to develop, improve or maintain systems. Keen to find out more?

Read on to discover six signs that it’s time to shake things up and consider a new role as a marine engineer...

6 signs a marine industry career is right for you:

1. You aren’t afraid of hard work

Marine engineers design, build, test and repair boats, ships, offshore platforms and drilling equipment.

There are lots of mechanical systems involved in the successful operation of any vessel, from propulsion mechanics and fuel systems to lighting. As a marine engineer, you will be responsible for maintaining these systems.

As such, your day-to-day duties could include anything from maintenance and repair to making sure engines and systems work safely or even marine surveying. In short, if hard work doesn’t faze you and you want an exciting career, you’ve come to the right place!

2. You want a job with purpose

If you’re looking for a role with a sense of purpose and responsibility, marine engineering could most definitely be right for you! Whatever your level of experience, when you work as a marine engineer, you become part of a team that is directly responsible for maintaining the safety of a vessel.

You’ll be tasked with keeping everyone safe and ensuring the ship is in a good running condition. With the marine industry being so essential to the global economy, we can’t imagine a job with a greater purpose!

Discover more about how to progress your career in marine engineering here.

3. You work well in a team

Are you a good communicator? Do you work well with others? Well, marine engineering could be perfect for you, because teamwork is vital to marine industry careers.

Collaboration and communication are essential for the smooth running of a vessel, and you will need to be able to function both individually and as part of a larger unit to tackle whatever your role throws at you.

So, if your strengths lie in working in a team and communicating with others, you should definitely consider a marine engineering role!

4. You don’t want an office job

Does the thought of a desk job fill you with dread? Well, marine engineering could be a great alternative.

For starters, in the marine industry, no two days are ever the same. You could be working on building a ship or working onboard the ship itself to keep everything running smoothly – but one thing’s for sure, you won’t be stuck behind a desk!

A ship is a unique working environment, and those working on board ship often develop lasting friendships with their colleagues and have a stimulating life which is different to the experience of many people working ashore.

5. You’re fascinated by technology

In recent years, there have been many new introductions to marine technologies that have further enhanced machines and services like the fuel cells and magneto hydrodynamics.

With further research and development constantly in progress, there’s no doubt that marine engineering is a dynamic and exciting field that is changing by the day.

So, if you want the opportunity to work at the forefront of technology, marine engineering could be the perfect career for you.

6. You want to explore the world

If you’re longing to sail the seven seas and want to see more of the world, marine engineering roles can allow you to do just that – especially if you are open to the idea of an overseas contract role.

Since 2016, M&E have provided skilled technicians for marine engineering and marine industry jobs on short term assignments to support Foreign Military Sales contracts in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, providing maintenance personnel to meet scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on particular RNSF naval vessels.

So, if you are interested in pursuing a career overseas, marine engineering contract work with M&E is a fantastic option.

Want to find out more?

At M&E Global, we have more than 20 years of experience and are experts in marine industry recruitment. So, if you are looking for a role in the marine industry, we’re here to help!

From career progression and variety to the chance to travel overseas and more, if you’re hard-working and hungry for success, marine engineering could be the right route for you.

What are you waiting for? Contact our team today to find out more about marine industry careers.


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