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A day in the life of a shipping/receiving clerk

26 Jan 08:43 by Myles Kendrick

A day in the life of a shipping/receiving clerk

Here at M&E Global, we work on a range of exciting contract roles across Europe.

From aviation and marine to land-based roles such as maintenance and engineering, if it’s variety you’re searching for, then look no further.

One area we also specialise in is supply and logistics, where we employ skilled personnel to work in a range of positions such as warehouse workers, forklift operators, supply technicians and shipping/receiving clerks.

In fact, if you’re keen to discover more about our opportunities in supply and logistics, read on to meet Valeriu Dinu, a shipping/receiving clerk for M&E Global based in Mannheim, Germany, and find out more about his shipping and receiving clerk duties...

What is a shipping/receiving clerk?

Shipping/receiving clerks are essential to the smooth running of a warehouse. They are responsible for all aspects of shipping and receiving, such as sending, accepting, and recording the movement of parts, supplies and stock to and from an establishment. 

In addition to tracking inventory and keeping records, shipping and receiving clerk duties also include inspecting merchandise, recording any faults or errors, and keeping accurate records – so good organisational skills and attention to detail are a must!

They may also need to operate forklifts in order to unload, transport and store goods too.

Ready to find out more about the role? Without further ado, let’s meet Valeriu and hear what he has to say

Meet Valeriu, Shipping/Receiving Clerk with M&E

V Dinu

Hi Valeriu! Can you tell us a bit more about your current role with M&E Global?

I’m currently working as a shipping/receiving clerk in Mannheim, Germany and I’ve been in this role for just over two years now.

What does a typical day look like for you?

There’s plenty of variety in my job and my shipping and receiving clerk duties are different every day. I report into my lead every morning and they tell us what is on the agenda for that day.

Usually, though, I’ll start the day with receiving goods, then I will go through all the deliveries, check them for any faults, issue them, separate them, stock them and then finally prepare them for delivery.

What do you like best about your role?

For me, I love the variety. It’s a fast-paced role that keeps me busy every day, and I feel like my confidence has grown hugely since I’ve undertaken this role with M&E.

The working environment is great too, there’s a really good rapport with all of my team members in the warehouse and I very much enjoy working with them all.  I’m also really enjoying life in Germany.

Finally, Mannheim is a fantastic location, and my wife is happy living here too.

What did you do before working with M&E?

Before I undertook this role, I was actually working in the tourism industry in technical yachting around Sardinia, Rome, and throughout Italy – so this has been a big change!

Can you tell us a bit about the support you had from M&E when undertaking this role?

The team at M&E Global have been a huge help right from the beginning. They helped me with all my paperwork, assisted us with finding somewhere to live, and the communication was great too; nothing was too much trouble.

They were also always on hand to answer any questions I had, both prior to my contract beginning and once we arrived here in Germany. They really worked hard to ensure everything went smoothly and efficiently and I’m very grateful for that!

Finally, what are your plans for the future?

For me, I’m really happy here so I’m planning to stay as long as possible and keep building up my skills.

My wife and I feel at home here in Germany and have made a good life for ourselves, and I’m enjoying my work. I definitely want to stay here in Mannheim with M&E – and I’m working towards a promotion soon, so fingers crossed!

Discover more about supply and logistics opportunities with M&E Global

Are you hard working, organised, and efficient? Do you work well in a team but are also able to work independently in busy environments? If so, then working in supply and logistics could be right for you!

There are a number of benefits to working in supply and logistics, including the opportunity to progress, the chance to develop your skills, and of course the variety – so, why not find out more about the exciting opportunities we currently have available at M&E Global?

Alternatively, speak to one of our friendly team today to start your job search.

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